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Niche Hors D'oeuvres

an album by
Professa Gabel and Monk HTS
Ten Flights Records 

Returning with his 10th album, Niche Hors D’oeuvres, Professa Gabel enlists the multi-faceted Monk HTS as his producer and co-star, further expanding his catalog and palate with this slap-heavy but easy to digest latest release. An 11 track affair, featuring celebrity appearances from Stunnaman02, San Quinn, Planet Asia and many more, plus the periodic laser-hot vocal from Monk HTS, this latest project from Professa Gabel is laden with gems and bangers from this sought-after duo from out the Bay. 

 Although still floating through his twenties, Professa Gabel is already a seasoned artist and innovative persona. As both a soloist and member of San Francisco-based collective FNG (Family Not A Group), he continues to fly effortlessly over conventional lanes and broaden the reach of his other media enterprises. PG has been a notable presence in many supergroups over the last decade, and collaborated with a list of artists that would make any A&R swoon. A recent feature from KQED captures PG in his essence, casually invoking his mission statement - “You want to contribute to the era that you’re in… and make your mark.”

Producer & vocalist Monk HTS’ unique sensibilities took shape in his teenage years, bouncing from the streets to the studio with the competitive spirit and natural instinct of a veteran. It wasn’t long before he transformed from a young and driven artist into a sought-after producer and began balancing his own solo projects with a diverse list of collaborative efforts. This same tradition continues in 2023, which will also include Monk HTS helmed albums from Rich Iyala, Equipto, and San Quinn as well as a new solo and self-produced project “Safe Travels”. 

​These two San Francisco heavyweights first connected around 2016, developing a friendship and shared appetite for long recording sessions interrupted only by astounding plates around the Bay Area. The 10 Flights label and philosophy grew naturally out of Monk & Gabel’s many missions from the studio to La Perla kitchen and back, and this album took shape as a sort of soundtrack to their pursuit of musical and culinary greatness. Niche Hors D’oeuvres picks up where Gabel’s recent Bay Lebowski & Corner Booth projects left off, albeit in slightly more plush conditions. Monk’s production takes cues from both but covers a great deal of ground throughout, winding up in at least three different territories; from a sort of hybrid boom-slap, to a cleaned up and classy steakhouse sound, to a lush feel that can only be described as beautiful music. Gabel maintains his perma-cool throughout, and Monk leaps from behind the beat machine periodically to keep the energy flowing at high octane. Adding to this sublime combination, the list of features goes so far beyond “All-Star Cast” that it can only be addressed in list form: Afterthought, Cyph4, DJ Jima, EaSway, Evaclear, Jamie Zee, Larry Dorsey Jr., Lil Blood, Lovetolii, Made.By.Harry, MC Pauze, Mike Evans Jr., Ozer, Peter Gabel, Real KMS, Rich Iyala and the afore-mentioned Planet Asia, San Quinn and Stunnaman02 all bring their own flavors to the table.



Niche Hors D’oeuvres arrives just in time for lunch and drinks, on September 28, 2023, courtesy of the good people at 10 Flights Records, preceded by the release of “Angel” featuring Stunnaman02, Rich Iyala and Real KMS on September 18. Then on September 23, Professa Gabel & Monk HTS will host a listening party at the very flightsy San Francisco dispensary and lounge Moe Green’s. Shortly after, Gabel & Monk join fellow Solidarity Records collective members Rich Iyala, MC Pauze, Mcstravick, Evaclear and Equipto for the weeks-long Fully Baked Tour, performing up and down the West Coast in support of the new project. 

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