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Although still floating through his twenties, Professa Gabel is already a seasoned recording and performing artist. Approaching his ninth studio album, he continues to go on the road performing like he’s been doing since he was 17 years old. Throughout his career he has been collaborating with the likes of Equipto, Ozer, Monk HTs, Brycon, Dirty Sanchez, Adeyemi, Cyph4, Baghead, MC Pauze, Gabe Zapata and countless others. Gabel got to hit some of his biggest stages touring with his group The Watershed, opening for acts such as People Under the Stairs, Zion I, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah.


Nowadays you can find him rocking his own 30-45 minute sets backed by DJ Jima performing new songs featuring many familiar faces from his earlier years. He is part of a San Francisco based Hip-hop and R&B collective, Family not a Group who have been actively drawing crowds on a weekly basis in major cities around America.

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